“You see, we live in dangerous times.”

“Dangerous ideas, and the hazard of the changing of the guard, as it were… I rather think we may be on the brink of a very slick slope nowadays. And may the heavens themselves have mercy upon us if we begin to slide…”

The so-called ‘world plate’ of Casere has known the longest peace it has in some time. Peaceable relations between the three superpowers of the world had subsisted for some time, with little worth fighting over.

Territorial disputes had been long definitively settled; and other such barriers, such as the tenets of racial and language barriers that had stood for so long in the ancient times, had been obliterated by a long, enduring legacy of a government that preached acceptance in all things.

Rumors abound now, however, as the country of Amuriad suddenly increases its military presence… Their cities show the signs of war, and whispered rumors in the streets speak of a deposed ruler. But to what end? Surely this 30-year peace would not be shattered by a simple power fantasy held by a ruler…

“…But! The ways of the present are, as ever, rooted in the ways of the past. To that end, my mercenaries, and my faithful pupil, I assemble you here for a simple task…”

Colvingwood is a well-to-do city at the edge of the Radiant Forest and therefore the border between Amuriad and Nidinmu, its location serving it well as a trading outpost for all kinds of people, its populace a melting pot of races and ideas. Despite the large amount of prosperity there, coupled with the lax laws, it never sees all too much conflict.

Naturally, the self-styled professor, Cadwenn, found this place very interesting indeed, and had chosen to set up shop there, so to speak. Especially since the rumors of a cache of the ancient folk that had not gone completely cleaned out had reached his ears. To that end, he had sent out a notice to any adventurer willing to heed the call to seek the remaining treasures of the ancient ruin, with promises of reward.

For your own reasons, each of you has decided to take on this duty. The road through the Radiant Forest to the Vale of the Silver Sky where these ‘ruins’ remain is bound to be dangerous at best… but the money that those treasures could buy could go a long way in a town like Colvingwood, if nowhere else.

Rending Storm